Diocese of Oakland CYO Code of  Conduct 

Our Words and Actions Matter

The behaviors of our Coaches, Spectators, and Players should not detract from any child's enjoyment of a sport.

At every practice and game, we expect our community to commit to CYO values, including fair play, good sportsmanship, respect for others, equal playing time, team work, fun and personal development for players 

Code of Conduct For Players: 

  • Treat opponents with respect; shake hands prior to and after contests
  • Respect the judgment of officials, and abide by the rules of the contest
  • Represent the Lafayette community and parish by displaying positive behaviors
  • Play in a positive manner - Play as a team - Never bait or taunt opposing players

Consequence for Code Violations:

  • Any player ejected from a game due to unsportsmanlike conduct, will be suspended from the next game, and might be subject to additional consequences
  • Any player who physically abuses another player, the player participant or official may be suspended from play for the remainder of the season and may be disqualified from CYO competition


Our Words And Actions Matter

Code of Conduct for Parents / Spectators:

  • Please remember that our Players are children - They play for their enjoyment
  • Respect the decisions made by Officials and Coaches at all times
  • Remain seated in the Spectator Area; never walk on the court or approach Team Benches
  • Model the right behaviours for our Players and community:  support your team in a positive manner; do not coach from the stands;  do not criticize Players, Officials or Coaches during or after games
  • Do not demonstrate or show disrepect or contempt for any Player, Coach, Official or Spectator at any time

Consequence for Code Violations:

  • The Team and Coach are responsible for the behaviors of their Parents and other Spectators
  • Any Spectator who displays bad sportsmanship may be removed from the gym facility by a Game Official, their team Coach, a League Official or management from the host facility
  • Any Spectator who interferes with a CYO game, practice or activity may be barred from attending or participating in any subsequent CYO game, practice or activity

Code of Conduct For Coaches:

  • Set a good example - exemplify the highest moral and ethical behavior
  • Respect the judgment of officials - abide by the rules of the event
  • Treat opposing coaches, participants and fans with respect
  • Instruct and demand good sportsmanship from your team
  • Coach in a positive manner, with each child's best interest and development in mind

Consequence for Code Violations:

  • Any Coach ejected from a game due to conduct will be suspended from the next two games; depending on the nature of the infraction or circumstances, CYO may disqualify the Coach from further participation in CYO Athletics
  • Any Coach who physically abuses an Official or another person, will be suspended for the remainder  of the season, and  may be permanently disqualified from participation in CYO Athletics